Saturday, October 2, 2010

Is It Sunday Yet? W4 - Know Thy Defense

It is time to finalize my starting line-up for Week 4. I have a few difficult decisions to make - but that is the whole point of FF.

Last year, I rarely thought about the teams My Guys were playing. I was lucky to know players names. Whenever I asked my oldest brother (I have 3 brothers) for advice on who to start, he would always say: "Who are they playing?" This week my middle brother (the Ravens fan) had to kid me about benching Flacco: "He was playing the Browns!"

This year I plan to take defenses a little more seriously.

I knew to be nervous when Randy Moss was facing the Jets. The Jets have a great cornerback, Darrelle Revis. He is so good at intercepting balls thrown to WRs that his area of the field is called Revis Island. But, Randy out ran him for this great one-hand catch.  That is why Moss is considered an Elite player or Stud.

And, you always play your Studs - no matter what the match-up is. Moss is an easy decision - a "must play" every week.

My other WRs? Steve Smith is usually Eli's go-to guy and, therefore, a stud. Things have been shaky for Eli and I am not so sure - but I will play Smith as my WR2 because he is talented. I am not so sure what do at WR3.

My RBs? Maurice Jones-Drew is an elite player too...or at least he was. I have to play MJD because I drafted him in the first round. All the experts say he will "break out" this week. Let's hope so. I have to play him - I have no other choice at RB1. But, I do have a major decision at RB2.

My TE Finley is a Must Play now. He may be the GB QB Rodgers' favorite target (which would be awesome because Rodger loves to throw the ball!)

I will play the GB defense because they are doing well.

I dropped my kicker Tynes and picked up the Atlanta kicker Bryant because it looks like ATL is on fire and their kicker is good.

....And then...there is my QB situation.....

Here are my decisions to make....
QB: Flacco or McNabb??
RB1: Tolbert or Stewart or (new player) Green-Ellis??
WR3: Crabtree or Washington?

There are A LOT of webpages and TV shows devoted to helping people with their starting line-ups. One of the factors that everyone takes into account is...yep...Who are they playing?

My QBs:

Flacco is facing saftely Polamualu (who intercepted him during the playoffs last year) and the rest of Pittsburgh's Steel Curtain. Yikes! The PIT DEF is one of the main reasons that are No. 1.  Polamualu can read where the ball is going.

McNabb is also facing a tough Philly Defense - but it is not as tough as PIT. PIT scares me. (Also, McNabb is walking into his old stadium...maybe he will be extra motivated to play well? Hmmm?)

Decision: I'm playing McNabb

My RB2s:

Stewart: I am still not convinced he will get the ball much. His partner in crime, DeAngelo Williams, is doing well. So, I am keeping Stewart on the bench for now.

Tolbert: Before SD's main RB Ryan showed that he was well enough to play, I was definitely playing Tolbert. Arizona's defense is second to the last in defenese against the run. I even considered playing Tolbert, even though he will not start.

BUT...I dropped GB RB Jackson and picked up NE RB Benjarvus Green-Ellis, aka "The Law Firm". Deciding whether or not to play him every week is going to drive me crazy because you never know who NE is going play at RB. But, he is the only RB right now on that team and Miami is #16 against the run.

Decision: I'm playing The Lawfirm (I just love that nickname!)

My WR3s:

This is always a tough one to pick. Your WR3 is your lowest level WR. They are the new kids, the old guys, the injured, the inconsistent. If the weren't, they would be WR1s or WR2s

Thomas/now Harvin: I dropped DEN WR Thomas because, while QB Orton looks great, you cannot tell who is going to throw to. I want to avoid the WR merry-go-round. I picked up Harvin  because he is great when he is well. But he is on a bye this week - so he won't play.

Crabtree, the infamous SF WR,  is suppose to be a stud-in-waiting (aka a sleeper). I am just not seeing it yet. Sure they have a new offensive coordinator, but some say the '9ers are unraveling.   Crabree is either going to do great or go down in flames again. Do I want to take a chance? I want to play TEN WR Nate Washington?

Hmmm...SF is playing ATL and TEN is playing DEN. ATL is #21 against the pass and DEN is #26 against the pass....

Decision: I am going to play Washington.

My Starters:
QB: McNabb
WR1: Moss
WR2: Smith
WR2: Washington
TE: Finley
K: Bryant

We will see what happens. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! Your reasoning is sound - let's see if it plays out the way it "should". ;-)