Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How Did I Do? W5 – Gotta Love A (almost) Comeback!

Monday Night Football was an absolute blast for me. As you all know, I started Moss and Harvin and they made me 35 points – in one game!

Sure, I lost by 2 pts. But, it was so much fun to watch my score climb and climb…everyone in our league chat room getting excited…(omg!  Another pass to Havin!  You could win!) ...that I almost did not care.

And, I just knew that there would be fireworks in the 4th quarter. Yes, I did find myself yelling at Favre out of sheer frustration for the first three quarters (You have everything you need, Favre!  Man up, Favre!). But something inside me just knew that he was not going to go all night without throwing to a TD to Moss.

I loved it.

It was also fun because I played against one of my best friends - I have known her since the 2nd grade. She is a very savvy FF player. She grabbed Hillis, Torian, and Vick off the waiver wire before any of us could blink. I look at which players she drops just in case I can use them. (I am not above grabbing another owner’s hand-me-downs). And, she is married to a Buffalo Bills fan – which shows that she has great taste. Congratulations, Allison! It was a pleasure playing against you this week.

It was not all roses for me, however. My TE Finley is hurt – which really hurts my team. He is one of the best TEs out there. And, the Bills shutdown MJD (I know, I should be happy for the Bills – but I could have won with those points!).

I still have work to do. I'm at 1-4 now.  

But, in the end, it is all about the fun for me…and boy it was fun this week.


  1. Laurie (The Commish)October 12, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    It was definitely very exciting - probably the most exciting time since we started playing fantasy football! Now to see if I can possibly get my first win...

  2. Yes - I am hoping that Kenny Britt helps you out this week.