Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is it Sunday Yet? A Rolling Moss Gathers No Points (W8 Recap & W9 Line up)

I knew when MIN lost to NE and Randy Moss had 0 points that he would explode.

And, he did.

Moss is now a Titan and I decided to cut him too. He is now on my league’s waiver wire. I am going to let one of the other owners in my league deal with him.

What did this mean for me last week? Well, I lost 81 to 87. A TD to Moss could have helped. Of course, I had other problems: Big Ben was shut down by NO, Torian got hurt, Branch saw very few passes, and my kicker, Gostknowski, did little too.

But, I am going to concentrate on Moss because he was my second draft pick. In fact, let’s look at my top three draft picks:

#1 MDJ (JAC) – is just starting to make points
#2 Moss (NE/MIN/TEN) – one drama after another
#3 Grant (GB) – out for the rest of the season after the first game

….and let’s not even talk about Finley (GB)…..

These guys were supposed to be my studs!

Okay, enough of the pity party. On to a new and – I hope – improved Fighting Irish team:

-         I picked up New Orleans WR Colston. Yes, I have climbed aboard the NO wide receiver merry-go-round. I may be in for a lot of headaches, but at least Colston is going to stay on one team and that team is not NE or MIN.

-         I picked up San Diego WR Crayton. He is a sleeper. I am hoping that the fact that all of the regular starting WRs and ball-magnet TE Gates are out for this game means that Crayton will score some points. They are playing Houston – the worst team against the pass. I had to drop Branch to do it, but it seems like a good gamble. Then again, for all I know, San Diego is planning to play the water boy. Actually, if I knew the Charger’s water boy’s name, I would be looking for him on the waiver wire. 
-         I have started playing musical defenses. I am really beginning to appreciate the impact of a good DEF. This week I have Green Bay and they play Dallas. It is going to hurt when my TE Witten scores, but such is life. I just have to hope only Witten scores for Dallas.

Here is Week 9 Lineup for the Fighting Irish:

QB: Flacco: He is good at home and just not sure about Ben@CIN

RB1: The Lawfirm (NE): Please keep it up!

RB2: Blount (TB): Please keep it up too!

WR1: Colston (NO). This is risky because he has had two good weeks and Brees moves that ball around. Honesty, I don’t have many choices.

WR2: Smith (NYG). He is back from his bye! Never thought I would have to lean on him – but Eli seems to be and this makes me hopeful.

WR3: Crayton (SD). I am playing him instead of Harvin. MIN is imploding and reports are that Harvin is mad and injured. Plus, I get play a Charger – my second favorite team.

TE: Witten (DAL). Please be Kitna’s go-to guy again.

DEF: Green Bay. Please shut down Dallas, except for Witten.

K: Gostkowski (NE): I am sticking with him, even though he only made 5 pts last week.

On the bench: Big Ben, MJD (bye), Torian (bye), Tolbert, and Havin.

And, one more thing….

I am not sure if there is a football god. But, if there is: Please help the Bills win in Toronto this week. We are good fans. We do not boo our players (well, at least most of the time). We wear our gear proudly in public. Almost winning – repeatedly and in OT (twice!) – is tough on fans and players. Our boys deserve a break. Anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated.   

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